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A chair crafted from solid wood, featuring a gracefully curved silhouette and an ergonomically designed seat that combines both comfort and elegance. The seat can be upholstered in either fabric or leather, offering versatility to suit various preferences and styles. The legs of the chair are uniquely curved, adding to its visual appeal and creating a soft and inviting structure. With its exceptional comfort, this chair is perfect for long conversations and leisurely meals, making it an ideal choice for extended gatherings.


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  • Features: 

    Solid wood: Walnut, White oak or Red oak


    Large: 22 3/4  in Depth: 22 in High: 32 in


    COM / COL


    Red oak O.01M
    Red oak O.07M
    Red oak O.08M
    Red oak O.23M
    White oak WO.01M
    Walnut W.01M

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