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Imagine a dining table with a top featuring an irregular edge, reminiscent of nature at its purest. The unexpected contours of the surface evoke the whims of tree trunks sculpted by time. Each edge surprises, diverging from the conventional and adding a touch of authenticity to the design. The table's legs follow this same irregularity, providing solid and complete stability. These features combine to create a table that not only serves as a place for sharing meals but also as a work of art that celebrates the imperfect beauty of nature.


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  • Features: 

    Solid wood: Walnut, White oak or Red oak


    Large: 84 in Depth: 42 in High: 29 in

    Large: 93 1/2 in Depth:47 1/2 in High: 29 3/4 in

    Large: 108 in Depth: 44 in High: 29 in

    Large: 120 in Depth: 47 in High: 29 in


    Red oak O.01M
    Red oak O.07M
    Red oak O.08M
    Red oak O.23M
    White oak WO.01M
    Walnut W.01M

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