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Imagine a dining table featuring a tabletop with an irregular edge, creating an organic feel while still exuding elegance and the smooth movement of the wood. This unique design element adds a touch of natural beauty, reminiscent of the graceful curves found in nature. Complementing this organic tabletop are pedestals that echo the same irregular shapes, reminiscent of stones worn smooth by water. Together, these elements create a harmonious blend of nature-inspired design and timeless sophistication, making the dining table a captivating centerpiece in any room.


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  • Features: 

    Solid wood: Walnut, White oak or Red oak


    Large: 84 in Depth: 42 in High: 29 in

    Large: 93 3/4 in Depth: 47 1/4 in High: 29 in

    Large: 108 in Depth: 44 in High: 29 in

    Large: 120 in Depth: 47 in High: 29 in


    Red oak O.01M
    Red oak O.07M
    Red oak O.08M
    Red oak O.23M
    White oak WO.01M
    Walnut W.01M

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