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A console table with a top boasting an irregular edge, evoking an organic essence while maintaining an air of elegance and the fluidity of wood grain. This distinct feature infuses a sense of natural allure, akin to the gentle contours found in the wilderness. Complementing this rustic tabletop are pedestals adorned with irregular shapes, reminiscent of stones sculpted by the gentle erosion of water. In unison, these elements craft a seamless fusion of organic inspiration and enduring refinement, rendering the console table a captivating addition to any living space.


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  • Features: 

    Solid wood: Walnut, White oak or Red oak


    Large: 67 in Depth: 20 in High: 69 in


    Red oak O.01M
    Red oak O.07M
    Red oak O.08M
    Red oak O.23M
    White oak WO.01M
    Walnut W.01M

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